Location: TVC studios, Lagos, Nigeria

Programme: The Weekend lounge- 8 to 10am, every Saturday

Scratching his head with a ballpoint pen, something totally out of character with the cool calm facade he projected at all times he struggled to come to grips with what he had just heard.
“So you’re saying you guys got together due to an accident?”
The talk show host was dumbfounded. After a minute or two, he noticed his mouth was wide open and did the proper thing by closing it. Then he doodled something on his pad to buy time as he tried to digest the strange tale.

“Yes.” Mr. Quadri chuckled “surprising isn’t it?”

“Most unusual” Mrs. Quadri added and giggled. Looking straight into her eyes, he pinched her on the nose and she snuggled closer to him on the loveseat. With their matching outfits and lovestruck expressions, they looked to the average person for all the world like newlyweds. It would be extremely difficult to know they had been married for over a decade, together through thick and thin, true to their marriage vows, and with an easy-going, laidback approach to issues, the Quadris were quite content with their lot in life. They practically shone with health.

The reason they were on the talk show was because one of their friends, familiar with their “special beginning” had written to his favorite talk show about it as a joke. However the producers picked an interest in the story and the couple received a letter. 

The invitation to the television studio the following week seemed a bit unreal. But then, they were free that weekend. What else were they to do? They accepted.

The studio went for a short commercial break, and the couple were served coffee and chocolate chip cookies- thanks to one of the show’s many sponsors. Left to their own devices on a comfy red couch, the Quadris promptly got lost in each other. 

Took a lot of awkward silence and throat clearing and finally an all out announcement that they were due back on air in 5-4-3… to rouse them and get them to untangle themselves. Then they were live.

The talk show host held a finger to his earpiece, tapped it once- and raised a finger. A call was coming in and he tapped the key to pick the call, and a soft spoken male voice filled the studio.

“Hello, is that the weekend lounge?”

“Yes it is. What is your name sir and where are you calling from?”

“Ahmed, from Ikorodu. I have a question for the couple. May I?”

“Um Mr. Quadri, is that okay?”

“Of course it is” he replied happily, then pinching his wife he asked “Right hon?”

“You’ve been together for a while. It can only be assumed that you’ve gathered much wisdom along the way. Any advice for young singles out there hoping for an ideal mate?”

Mr. Quadri looked at his wife, it was obvious who would answer this one. With a dazzling smile Mrs. Quadri poked her husband in the chest, did something else that made him chuckle, something we could not see and replied

“Of course. Be adventurous and open-minded. You never know what’s around the corner.”


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