​Most people I know have a very annoying habit.

People often pretend they have some sort of premonition when they have a particularly wonderful day, or something terrible happens. “I knew there was a problem when the black cat showed up outside my window and refused to leave” “from the way the sky darkened you could tell all was not well with the day” “Oh I woke up to the sound of running water and I knew it was going to be perfect.” And so on. The list is endless.

Arrant superstitious nonsense if you ask me. Everyday starts just like the day before it, subject to time and season, and the whims and caprices of mother nature like you, me, anything else. But I wish life had a sort of warning system. I wish bad days started with some celestial warning like hail or tremors or something. I’m not picky. Even a message scrawled in the sky in burning letters saying something specific like

“If you go to school today, you’re going to lose a limb” or “the love of your life is the girl in the green dress you come across in the park today” would do just fine. But of course the world isn’t fair so things like that don’t happen.

But there truly was something odd about that day…

I was woken by the sonorous call to prayer of my Muslim brethren in the neighborhood. It’s not a bad way to start a day- in fact I prefer it to the shrill ring of the alarm clock on my bedside table. Quickly I got up from the bed and shuffled my way to the bathroom. Turning on the tap, I splashed two handfuls of water on my face and I was human again. I picked my toothbrush and stared at it for a while. It’s a loyal, compact pink toothbrush (don’t even dream of telling people I own a pink toothbrush) and I’m really fond of it. Even though it had passed the required three months for a change (it’s now five months old) I was not about to replace such a faithful servant.

I brought it close to my nose. It smelled fine. I ran my thumb through its bristles. Still firm. So I put some toothpaste on it and went to town.

One hour thirty minutes later I was perfectly groomed and ready to start my day.

Whistling, I picked my briefcase from its hiding place behind the sofa and got out of my house.

With a spring in my step, I made my way to my Mercedes-Benz in the garage and got in. Slid it in and started the car. Then I was on my jolly way. After the morning ritual of jumping lanes, cursing at idiot drivers and flagrantly disregarding traffic rules I made it to the office in good time. Only took me forty-five minutes!

It was in such high spirits that I walked to my place in the office complex and my good mood managed to last for most of the morning.

Then I came down to the cafeteria during my lunch break. After the meal, they didn’t have my preferred brand of soft drink so I crossed the road to the other side to purchase it from a shop, or at least I intended to. For that was when I got hit by the most attractive woman on God’s green earth.

And she was riding a motorcycle.


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