For days after the incident, Cynthia went everywhere in a daze. She almost had it all. A satisfying job, financial comfort and stability, independence and so much more. She could have added a husband to her steadily increasing list of blessings…

Too late to think about it now. In her spare time, Cynthia finally agrees to the constant badgering of her friend to go to church. So today, Sunday, the first day of a new month, she picks up her handbag, checks her makeup and gets in the car. Following the address and descriptions provided by her friend and tormentor she arrives at a beautiful three storey-building. A smiling female usher meets her at the gate and she is scanned and welcomed properly. The usher takes her into the church proper and hands her over to another usher, who takes her straight to a seat. It’s a big church, with worshippers everywhere. She can see the pastor on TV, and hear his voice projected through loudspeakers. Which is good, because she can barely see him.

She soon finds herself nodding to the sermon and enjoying it. Every word seems to strike straight home. After the service, there’s an altar call and she goes forward to commit her life to a greater power.
Next is a quiet counselling session with the pastor, who carefully listens to her worries, successes and all that has been burdening her. He nods sagely and offers advice. They shake hands and she leaves the office, for the next new convert to come in.

Over the course of the next few months, she starts and ends her worker’s training, and joins a part of the church workforce. Her quiet commitment to her duties get her noticed and she is promoted twice.
Her social life, which wasn’t much to begin with slims to a triangle. Work, Home, Church and back again.

Three years later, she is advising a new convert on what to do to overcome a tempting situation when a “brother” meets her for a quick conversation. She likes him almost as much as he seems to like her. They exchange contacts.
And then, they go on a first date. It’s pretty nice so it’s quickly followed up with a second. Things become official and yet there’s no pressure for intercourse. The relationship has its ups and downs, but grows stronger. And finally, on a particularly rainy day, in a quiet, cosy restaurant, he pops the question. She says yes.

And today, our friend Cynthia walks down the aisle on her pastor’s arm, with millions in her bank account, a smile on her lips, and a man waiting at the end of the aisle who has proven it his life’s mission to treat and pamper her like a queen.

Hold on. It all comes together at the end.


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