“Sir?” She can not believe her ears. Idly she wonders if she would need to treat herself for some ear infection and also wonders if she would be able to afford it.

“Is anything the matter?” Mr Adeyanju again.

“Excuse me sir, but it seemed, just now, you said I’m hired.”

“Yes, I did.” He takes another deep breath and explains in a monotone “This is your real interview. You see, my dear, oftentimes we are privy to secrets of major importance. So we have to choose carefully, the kind of people we hire. We cannot afford to have desperate workers who can easily be bribed, rather we need strong and independent workers. So we test them.” He picks a phone, dials a number and speaks quickly to someone over the phone, issuing commands. Then he nods.
“Yewande is waiting for you outside this building. Black convertible. She’ll hand you your wardrobe allowance and take you shopping around the city. She’s quite experienced and we can’t have our employees dressed up in anything but the best. She’ll also inform you of our staff bus routes and answer any questions you might have. Resume tomorrow. You’re dismissed.”


Cynthia is a big girl now. Cruising the city and working 24 hours a day, six days a week. Sundays are not to be touched. Sundays are to kick back and relax. By sheer dint of hard work, and the appreciative bonuses and allowances of an impressed employer, she has managed to amass a considerable amount of wealth. Now she’s ready to tick the next box on her list. Marriage. One problem, her prospective husband wants to get her pregnant first. She refuses. Everytime
Just last night, they had a big fight when she once more refused him intercourse.

“Why are you so stuck up? We’re going to get married someday, we’re already engaged. So why do you keep holding back Cynthia?”

“Because we ARE about to get married. Wait till we’ve exchanged vows and I’m all yours. I promise.”

“You keep saying that. But how am I to know if you’re my kind of woman? I mean, I love you and appreciate you and all, but a relationship takes more than that. A relationshi-”

“For goodness sake I AM NOT GARRI YOU SAMPLE BEFORE BUYING AT THE MARKET! IF YOU CANT WAIT, THEN LET ME BE!!” At that point, Cynthia had stormed out of his house, feathers ruffled and seeing red. In retrospect, she thinks she has overreacted and it isn’t a big deal after all. She decided this afternoon to make things up with bae. So she bought some food, wrapped and packaged it to make it seem homemade and prepared to finally surrender her body. He’s worth more than this, she keeps telling herself.

Arriving at his house, she parks her car on the street a little distance away. You see, her plan is to completely surprise him. Then she sneaks into his house with his spare keys, and lets herself into his parlor. Her plan is to sneak in, surprise him when he gets home in an hour or two with a sumptuous meal and apologize. Then she would stay over and watch movies ad cuddle and maybe sometime during the long cold night, they could do the deed. And then she’d leave for work tomorrow. She had a toothbrush and fresh set of clothing delivered to her in the office. Everything was set. What could go wrong?

After unpacking, she hears some noises coming from her fiancé’s bedroom. Curiosity moves her to investigate. So she drops everything and tiptoes up the staircase, her heart beating faster as she comes across discarded clothing and accessories. Here, his expensive watch, the one she got him for his birthday last month, there a feminine looking shirt, not too far, is that a skirt? And it’s pretty short too. Skimpy in fact. And then. No. Oh no. Underwear. Right in front of the door.
Mad with anger, she barges into the room and finds her husband to be entwined with some stranger, both in the throes of passion. Her entrance does not go unnoticed though, as the stranger freezes and noticing his partner’s sudden reticence, fiancé looks back to see what caught her attention so firmly.

His jaw could probably touch the ground if he opened it a teeny bit more. Cynthia, almost blind with stinging, salty, bitter tears runs out of the house as a voice calls out

“Wait! I can explain!!!”


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