As she regains consciousness, she recognizes the presence of some form of restraint on her hands, which are conveniently positioned behind her back where they are of little or no use to her. Jerking and struggling help to define the nature of her restraints- handcuffs.

There’s no light in the humid, dank cave of a place where she is kept. She can’t even remember getting there. It must have occurred when she was knocked out with chloroform. Slowly but surely the reality of her situation dawns.

She has been kidnapped. But by who? And why?

There’s a slight screech as a door is opened somewhere and a soft thud as it closes. Light, almost cheerful footsteps approach. She feels the heat from the presence of another human directly in front of her.
A finger taps her nose, then trails down her cheek, eventually tapping her upper lip. Whoever it is moves closer and whispers softly in her ear “It’s so good to see you again.”

Instantly her mouth fills with bile. The little people in her stomach start a brutal marching session.
A slow keening cuts through the silence left by his words. Metal rattles against metal as she struggles to be free.
There’s a chuckle as he savours the reaction his presence inspired. Then he places a hand on her waist and kisses her gently on the lips.
“You’re mine now. Truly mine.”
Footsteps recede.

Her body stiffens in a totally non-voluntary response. Then she begins to struggle even more fiercely as her very self rejects the idea of being alone with this creature. This evil blast from a forgotten past… even though her rational mind knows it is an exercise in futility, she just wants to escape. Just escape. Run. Run hard from him. Anything. Anyone. Anywhere. Just not him, dear God.

There’s a slight warmth trickling down her inner thigh, going quite a distance before pooling on the ground and it’s a monument to fear that she doesn’t understand it’s urine until an hour or two afterwards when she finally calms down enough to be capable of rational thought.

For now all she can think of, is Ahmed. Her worst nightmare.

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