I travelled to my Aunt’s place. Its always fun whenever I go to her place. It is cool there, no noise, almost constant power supply and a little cousin to play with when I get bored.
One day, while I was enjoying myself listening to the radio, my Aunty informed me that she had an event to go to. Then I was asked to babysit my cousin till they returned.

I can’t really remember what happened, but I somehow offend the sprightly little 10 year old. And then all hell broke loose.

“Ahmed! Ahmed!!” No reply. I remember leaving him just here. Right here in the parlor while I went inside to pick my phone charger.

The National Electric Power Company had just “brought” their light so I was eager to charge my phone’s battery. If I could manage to get thirty minutes of charging done, it would at least last till my Aunt and her Husband returned to put on the generator. And by the time I returned, my cousin… he was gone.
Without a trace.

I turned around to leave for my Auntie’s bedroom. Maybe he’s hiding there. After several minutes of fruitless shouting and searching, I start to panic. But then I remember the woman with a shop not to far from the house. Yes! E must be there, gorging himself on biscuits. So u rush out.

I rush back in. There’s no where I haven’t checked. The compound, the sweet shop, the wooden kiosk of the aboki down the road, and I haven’t seen a single sign that he was there. The occupants also deny seeing him.
I’m fed up. Just as I fall on the chair in despair I hear a chuckle. It sounds like him.
Did I imagine it? I’m alert, like a deer who has caught a whiff of some predator lurking in the tall grass.
I hear it again. Quickly, I trace it.
And see the perky, annoying little child hiding in between the legs of the dining chairs, under the dining table. I’m too happy to see him to give him the spanking he deserves.
“Here. Have my phone. And here’s the TV remote.” I gather him to my chest and tears drop from my eyes to his head.
“Just don’t ever do that to me again. Please.”

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