A man I respect once said “If you are created to be an orange, don’t try to be an apple. You’d be a very funny looking apple.”

The four runners take their positions at the line of the race track. The referee pulls his gun out. He points it at a clear blue sky and pulls the trigger.


The sound rends the air and like coiled springs, the runners take off. They’re hard at it, but at the 100M mark, one of them stumbles and falls. His upper body is quite bigger than his lower body and from the beginning it was clear he was struggling to keep his balance.

The crash as he hits the dusty ground is resounding. The other runners leave him behind pretty quickly.
They keep running.

At the 250M mark, the runner who had previously being in the lead falls to the ground. He keeps panting, he’s out of breath.

Rounding the bend, almost there, suddenly the runner who had been lagging behind puts on a burst of speed and passes his competition like a bolt of lightening. Run as hard as he may, the first, now the last, can’t make it.

You see, he had expended his energy previously to gain the lead and was just holding on. Meanwhile the other runner had being conserving his for the final lap.

And he won.

Lets analyse these men. They’re all young, all within the age bracket of 25 to 28. But yet, they had vastly differing results. Why?

The first runner is a boxer, and a good one at that. Boxing is mostly about upper body strength, and with his vast and muscled chest and biceps, he has a lot of that going for him. But running a 400M race isn’t about that. So he failed.

And now the second runner.
He is a short distance runner. His normal race would be a 100M dash. He can handle a 200M dash but the 400M they were aiming for was beyond his scope. His endurance fails him and he gases out.

The third runner is a long distance runner. Body built to perfection for speed. Dressed in a streamlined track suit, made with cutting edge technology, he would have been anyone’s favorite pick. But he had a minor issue working against him.
He is an amateur. He doesn’t yet know the intricacies of such a race, having only begun life as a professional athlete the week before.

The last runner who also turns out to be the winner is an experienced 400M runner. He has trained for this race. He dieted for it. He is familiar with this track having run it several times in the past.
He is the best prepared and the best suited for the track even if he doesn’t show it with his well-worn running boots and slightly faded Tracksuit.

If you’re created to be an orange, be an orange. Don’t try to be an apple, you’d be a very funny looking apple


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