My parents are fervent believers in the supernatural. They pray and bless and read the holy book. Me? Not so much. I believe deeply in Karma. But that’s all for me. I’m a free thinker. No way I’d believe someone’s death 2000 plus years ago would affect me now. Or a bunch of stones floating around in space. Or some deities and stuff. Supernatural? More like abnormalities. That’s all.

However something happened that changed my worldview forever.

One night, quite ordinary actually, as bland as any other, I was returning from a friend’s place. I have a 10pm curfew and I knew if I did not return on time, the parents would be worried. I had never stayed out beyond my curfew, I’m usually home latest 8pm. But on that day, a particularly interesting argument ensured that I was not vigilant enough to notice the passage of time. Blink. Blink again. It was 9:45pm! My house was twenty minutes away. If I rode my bike hard enough I could make it in less time.

So with a hasty goodbye, I climbed on the bike and began to pedal. Hard. Ten minutes later, I got to the intersection. A bit more and I’d be home with a minute or two to spare. In my haste, I forgot to check the traffic sign and I pedaled across the road. Only when I was halfway across did I hear the loud horn of a truck and see the look of abject horror on the truck driver’s face. Time slowed down and I had an eternity to consider meekly the next few minutes. I’d get hit. From the size of the truck it would probably be fatal. It would be traumatic for the truck driver. And anyone else who had to see my broken battered body. Exhale. Well…

And from nowhere I’m pulled clear of the truck. Someone grabbed me and pulled so hard, one minute I was so totally dead, the next I was only hit by the wind of the truck’s passage. I turned to see my saviour. He walked away, turned and was out of sight. I left my bike and ran after him. Least I could do was a thank you. There was no one there. The street was empty. Very empty. I picked my bike and walked home.

I made it in the nick of time. Mum was worried but she said nothing as I dragged my bike and put it in it’s normal place. I know everyone in my area. I remember distinctly the way the my rescuer looked. But I have never seen him before. And I have never seen him since then.

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