I had just gotten approval for my one month leave from work. I’d spent the time driving home in glee. Thinking about the many activities I and the kids would attempt. I was soo excited. Last time I got a leave was two years ago. Believe me. If I could, I would sue. However, the company has been swamped with clients and responsibilities ever since we got that big investment. As I honked at my homes gate, Andrew, my home helper rushed to open the gate smilling.

Andrew is a young man I employed. More like took in, to help with the house and the kids because I had gotten extremely busy with work and other projects. I’d heard many tales of women who lost their husbands to female helps and lived miserably afterwards. Joking about the miserably part. Anyway, finding Andrew was just convenient. He had recently graduated secondary school and couldn’t get into the university immediately. Soo he had time. Plus he wanted a change of scenery. Convenient!

Three days later, I and the kids were on our way to our vacation location. Hubby couldn’t get time off soo he wasn’t coming. I and the kids were swimming in excitement. I was surprised they weren’t bothered by their fathers absence. We waved hubby and Andrew bye and we were off! Yes!

After three weeks of food binging, listening to my daughter talk non-stop about her hair, watching my son “move like jagger” and video calling with hubby whilst we played naughty, and of course, sneaking out to a night club *wink* my leave drew to a close. We returned home. Everybody seemed to be happy and satisfied. I spent the remaining week of my vacation making hubby happy.

Work was just as busy as a trade fair centre. I couldn’t believe I actually abandoned all of that for hours in a pool and massages. The irony. Anyway, I had to close a deal with a client that morning and I had to be at my best. An hour before my meeting, I spilled my watermelon juice all over my butter coloured dress. It looked soo messy. I had to drive back home to change up. Kids were at school, hubby was at work. I tried calling Andrew but his contact just wasn’t going through. So I had to drive.

I stopped in front of the gate and didn’t bother to honk. I ran out of the car and opened the gate with my key. First, I see hubby’s car parked in the compound. I’m glad he’s home. As I walked into the living room, I heard sounds coming from my bedroom. I felt hubby was watching a movie. I walk into the bedroom to pick a new dress but I find my Andrew in bed with my husband, snuggling happily in post-coital bliss. Hubby had a ring in his left palm. Andrew’s hand was in the other. I was numb for a moment. Hubby said nothing. Andrew looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock.

I said nothing. Moving like a robot to the wardrobe, I picked a black dress, and rushed out of the house.

As I drove back to work, I kept wondering what to do. How do you digest the reality that your male house help is your rival and a possible second wife?! What do I do?!

I hit the accelerator instead of the brake. The car shoots forward. A blind swerve. A slight futile struggle for control…

And then. *CRASH*

My head is spinning… I see white lights… I see nothing.

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