BRoKEN part 1


It fell and shattered into a billion pieces.

She ran out, to the dark cold street. Anywhere but home. With its warmth and sweet scents and horrible scenario.
Her feet hit the ground hard, playing a fast beat *Pit pat* as she tried her utmost best to outrun the winged demons that tore at her heart with teeth like shards of glass.

A quick turn at the close… One, two, she scaled the fence. There was a big abandoned trailer in the old sandy playground. She crawled underneath. Closed her eyes.

She never opened them again. A poisonous spider taking refuge at one of the recesses under the truck felt threatened by her sudden intrusion. It snuck out and bit her while she slept. It was quick and painless. Of course, the large but quite diluted amounts of rat poison already circulating in her veins courtesy Mr Adams and the house help did a nice job weakening her enough to make the bite fatal.

Adams pulled out. He was sad that his wife had caught them. Really, he didn’t feel bad about what he did. The house help had it coming. She was sixteen. Wore mini skirts. Pranced about the house and took every opportunity to bend over and dust things.

Underwear was revealed.

Desires were kindled.

Excuses were made.

What was a man to do?

When the body of Mrs. Adams was discovered a few days later it wasn’t so much of a big deal. The house help had moved to Madam’s room. Six months later she became the next Mrs. Adams.

People whispered. People talked. Life went on.

Trouble started after the marriage. One day Mr and Mrs Adams were in the bedroom. Doing what sent Mrs Adams the first out that rainy evening when they heard it.

The sound of breaking glass.

The next morning, they found Mrs Adams the first’s shoes lined up at the doormat outside. Weird. All her things were locked up downstairs.

Life went on.

Soon at night they would hear Mrs Adams the first singing in the bathroom. Loud enough to be heard over the sounds produced by the enormous plasma TV in the living room.

And when Mrs Adams the second finally found out she was pregnant…

She told Mr Adams.

The house rung with the sound of shattering glass.

Later that month…
Mr Adams opened the door to his house, returning from home. He screamed and fainted…

To be continued…


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