“Go! Run!”

I was kind of expecting to hear the classic “Save yourself” but of course, those words never fell from Adekunle’s lips as he put himself between me and the creature who wanted my life.

Even as I turned to obey, my heart broke. I knew he was no match for him. From the look in his eyes, I think he knew it too. The most he could do was to buy me time. Probably fifteen minutes. I had seen this thing at work, and I knew it. It was deadly. Efficient. Brutal. Unstoppable. It would eventually kill me.

As my feet pounded the ground, I ran for my life. But even the sounds of my footsteps were not enough to quell the sounds of breaking bone as my only friend in the world was practically torn apart by a monster. The screams tortured me and I heard Adekunle, my proud Adekunle, beg and ask for mercy at the top of his voice, pain riding on every syllable. Then, five minutes later, it ceased. Mercy, of course, did not come.

I turned a corner, what could I do? I wouldn’t stand a second in a fight with that denizen of hell, but perhaps I could hide. Assessing my options, I ran into a building that had it’s back door open.

… It can smell her fear, and chase after it’s scent on the wind. Rounding a corner at a speed that is humanly impossible, It is able to catch a glimpse of it’s prey as she enters a building. Something about this building repels the beast and it skids to a stop. Gingerly, it takes one step into the building’s premises.
Big mistake.

A howl rends the night as it screams in pain and quickly retract it’s foot. Look down it notices the flesh on it’s foot, burnt off like it had stepped into a fire. Painful, but temporary. A minor inconvenience. It looks up and around, for a sign as to what kind of building she entered. It may be night and as dark as pitch, but this creature can see as clear as day. It doesn’t need the light.
It is then it notices a sign post reading “Redeemed Christian Church of God. Line of David.” No wonder. A church. Well she couldn’t possibly stay there all night, the beast muses with a hideous smile “I will get this one too.” It thinks. “Nothing will stop me.
I. Will. Wait.”


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