Lol. This is a true story- happened earlier today. This is how it went…

T’was dark… Sometime around 1:00AM
I was walking to the house after night class. I heard a dog barking down the street. Reasoning that the dog had to be barking at something or someone, I deemed the road unsafe and decided to take another one. There had been several robberies in that area you see…

Big mistake.

I had barely gotten to the point where I’d turn when I heard furious barking. I turned to see two dogs barking at me from a gate. Suddenly one of them started struggling to get free and after passing under it ran towards me, barking and growling. I took off for dear life. They pursued.

As I ran, flipping away my slippers for extra speed, I noticed two other dogs coming out of another compound… In that moment I knew I was screwed. No where to run. Suddenly a crazy idea came into my head. Bark!

So I let rip with a resounding bark. The dogs halted, confused. Tables had turned. I seemed to them, a much bigger dog. They took several steps back. I retrieved my slippers. They attempted to approach. I barked again, louder this time. I kept at it. They returned behind the safety of their gates and barked back, confusion written all over every bark. Where was the prey?

I kept barking as I left, and they stayed well away, barking back in confusion.

That was how I narrowly escaped becoming dog food.

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