Dear reader…

So a very special person sent this to me, and in the manner of things, it ended up here. Please don’t ask me how, because I don’t know.

It’s a different writing style from mine, and I hope you enjoy it.
Here goes…

“In years past, it was said that children were stars burning out and looking for a home to reside. I always laughed at this. Here I was, up in the sky, enjoying my very precious independence.

Why would I go down to bother some innocent couple?! Nah… I think I’ll stay put. I wonder what burning out feels like?

I’m the brightest star up here. Surely, I have a million more years to go. I’d just relax here and keep looking on at the world. Maybe I’d find someone deserving…

Mrs. Adetola. Such a sad woman. I wonder why?! She’s nice. Actually, she’s a wonderful woman. I’d like to meet her. Surely she has some space for me. I want to fix that sadness. I want to give her some of my light. I’d just stay up here, keep wishing her well.

….Oh my! What’s happening to me?! I can’t see soo well. I’m fading away. How could this be happening?! I was soo bright some time ago. I’m not ready for this. Oh Please! Please! Please! Have mercy! Bring back my light! I’m fading… Oh Mrs. Adetola, how do I look down at you?! I’m really going to miss you. I wish I could fix your sadness. Oh.. Oh… Oh…. I’m fading… Its getting dark.. Too dark… Oh…. DARKNESS!

I must have been asleep. Or in a bad dream. I remember I was fading… Oh Mrs. Adetola! How long have I been asleep?! I must have imagined it all… Soo much darkness… How I’ve missed Mrs. Adetola… I wonder how she is?! Oh my! What’s all this pushing and pulling?! Soo discomforting… Its soo dark! I see a light now. Its faint, but a light. Its getting brighter now… I see faces.. They’re closer than they used to be… Oh my! What’s all this yucky stuff?! Ewww… Don’t touch me! *sobbing* don’t hit me like that! I’m fragile! I bruise easy!

Mrs. Adetola! There you are… I feel soo small and you look soo happy! Awwwnnn…. Now I understand. I found you! I’m soo glad I found you! I hope to put this smile on your face everyday. Oh.. Your arms are soo cozy… I love you already..

Thanks for receiving me dear Mrs. Adetola… I love you!

Might seem a bit on the sappy side but I enjoyed it. Quite a welcome change from my dark dreary brooding don’t you think?

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