I was playing at the doorstep when Grandpa called out to me. Quickly, I hurried over to meet him.


“Sir!” I smiled broadly. Grandpa always has the best gifts and stories. And he was smiling so I knew something good was coming my way. I idly wondered what.

“Sit. Want to hear a story?” boy did I want to! I nodded my assent and quickly sat down crosslegged on the aged rug in the living room.

Grandpa smiled, adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose and the story started to flow…

“On her way back from the market, Mama Nkechi saw her daughter playing with apples in the front of her compound. She knew Mama Bisi the apple seller, must have given them to her. Such gifts were common among the families in the yard afterall.

Nkechi ran up to her mum and hugged her. Mama Nkechi rubbed her daughter on the head. She then went into the house to drop the things she bought.

On coming out, she decided to “test” her daughter so she called out to her.
“Nkechi! Come and give me one apple.”
Instantly, the little girl took a bite out of each. Mama Nkechi felt bad. She wondered when Nkechi became so greedy. She was still thinking about the situation when the small girl piped up.

“Here Mummy. Take this. It’s sweeter.”
Tears came to her mother’s eyes as a fundamental truth of life presented itself to her.


Well, that’s all for today. I’m thinking of doing a sequel to “A dance to the silent gong.” To be or not to be?

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