It was a dark and lonely night…

On his way back from the joint, he heard a rustle in the bushes behind him. Quite drunk, he dismissed it as a stray animal or somewhat. If only he knew…

His footsteps unsteady, he tottered home, cradling the bottle of ogogoro (locally brewed gin) close to his heart, like a drowning man holding on to driftwood, his last hope for salvation.

There was another rustle in the sea of grass, close enough this time to be a cause for alarm. The drunkard twisted around, searching for it’s source. Sadly he could not see in the dark.
The unknown predator came in close behind him, so close infact that he felt it’s rancid breath on the nape of his neck. He shuddered and raised the bottle in self defence, swinging it hard to meet… Nothing.

Again and again he swung, but made no contact. Eventually he convinced himself that it was nought but his imagination running wild and returning the bottle to his safe haven, he continued on his way.

However, the predator was not to be denied, and slinked on behind him, cloaked in the terrible indiscriminate covering of the blanket of a moonless, starless night.

Then he heard it. A slow rasping sound, then a rattle like the one given by a shake of the rattlesnake’s tail. He turned his meager flashlight to the ground behind him and saw nothing.

Then the flashlight went off…

There was a gleam from a set of eyes unlike any he had ever seen, unlike any you’ve ever seen, reader.

There was only one thing for a poor defenseless mortal such as him to do. He turned heel and ran like all hell was after him. Indeed, if you could only see what stalked him in the night, you may be inclined to agree.

The chase was long and brutal. Claws sharp and serrated tore from all corners, separating flesh and sinew from bone.

Fangs seemed to clamp on different body parts chewing off juicy chunks.

And through it all he ran, clinging to the illusion of life and escape. But then. There’s only so much you can do.

Early the next morning, an unlucky jogger found his remains as they laid scattered at the water front. He was unrecognizable, and only vaguely passed for human. It seemed like a thousand small dogs had been let loose on him.

And the predator watched from the depths of the shadows, awaiting it’s next meal…

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