“Seriously Kunle. I don’t have your time today.”

“You never do. Why don’t you come with me to the amusement park? Just today. Please?”

John looked at his younger brother and shook his head. He really wanted to spend time with him, but there was soo much to do- meetings to attend, projects to finish up, business to attend to… Besides, there was only so much time to work right? Make hay while the sun shines.

“Maybe next week Friday? I’m free next week Friday.”

“Don’t bother,” Kunle replied sullenly. “I’ll go alone.”


On his way back from the office John decided to listen to the news. It wasn’t something he did regularly and so he was surfing through channels when he heard a song he liked.
He was whistling and feeling all right with the world when the song was interrupted by a newsflash.

*Over the radio* “We interrupt this programme to bring you this message. The Amusement park at badagry beach has caught fire. We repeat, the Amusement park at Badagry Beach has caught fire. We’ll bring you more news on this later.

Wait a minute! thought John, as he pulled over at the side of the road. What park did Kunle say he was going to? Was it the one at Badagry Beach? Laolu Cresent?

He scrolled through the tasks on his phone and when he saw the one he was looking for the phone dropped from his hands and fell to the ground.
It read.

Badagry beach…
Kunle’s birthday.

John frantically tried to remember what he said last to his brother.
Tried to remember when last he spent time with him.
Tried to remember what it was like to rub him on the head… Something they did a lot when they were much younger.

He came up with… Nothing.

Point is- Life is short. We might as well spend the little time we have well. Cherish your loved ones and appreciate every moment together. You never know when it’ll end.

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