Once upon a time… (I don’t know why stories begin this way) there lived a hunter in the ancient Yoruba town of ile-ife. He was quite powerful and respected as one of the greatest hunters of his time. He fearlessly went off to the bushes to hunt and never once came back without a big catch.
As such, he was very wealthy and could even afford to get married to three wives, each as beautiful as the daughters of Yemoja the river goddess.

One day however, he went and didn’t come back. His wives were worried, he had never done this before- so they went off to search for him.
After two hours of intense searching, his wives eventually found him, lying down in the bushes, badly wounded. He had been mauled by a wild animal. As soon as he saw his wives, he sighed and gave up the ghost.

The first wife could not stand it. She couldn’t imagine a life without her husband and so took his dagger and committed suicide.

The second wife remembered the tales of a wizard in a nearby town who could bring back the recently dead- so she told the third wife to watch over the corpses and took off.

The third wife stayed with the corpses for the rest of the day, throughout the following night, and well into the next day- not moving an inch and watching over the bodies, protecting them from been eaten by animals.

Eventually the wizard arrived and resurrected the hunter and his wife. They all jumped for joy- then the hunter asked. “What do you want as re-payment for this? Say anything and it is yours!”

The wizard replied “Give me one of your wives to wed. The person who did the least.”
At these the wives all clammed up, each refusing to be wedded to the wizard.
The first wife claimed she loved her husband too much and would not live without him.
The second claimed she had run all day, all night to get the wizard and bring him back.
The third claimed she had been the reason the whole thing worked out. What good would the wizard have been if the bodies were eaten before his return???

The question lies before you too dear reader. Which wife did the least?


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