It’s the Ahmed series people!!! Where did we stop? Oh! I remember now…

“Ahmed! Ahmed!! Ahmed!!!”

My eyes opened as my room mate shook me till he was sure I was awake.

“Come on Ahmed, aren’t you going to the party again?” I rubbed my eyes and yawned. He was dressed up- Where were we going again?

Oh. Yes. That party.

“Give me like thirty minutes to freshen up and we’ll be off.”

“Okay.” I went to the bathroom splashed a little water on my face and checked myself out in the mirror.

Fifteen minutes later.

I had just finished bathing and had a towel tied around my mid-section when I noticed something odd- the droplets of water were all pooling together in a corner of the bathroom. The pool increased in size and began to rise, taking on a vaguely human shape. It seemed to harden, acquire some colour, becoming even more defined and then… Yetunde stepped into my bathroom.

Eledumare! What is wrong with you?” I asked, surprised.

“Oh come off it. I’ve seen worse. Listen, I don’t have much time. Do you know what you are? I mean, what you’ve become?”

“Eshu’s stooge?” I asked.

“Stop being sarcastic. You’re a hold- short for stronghold. Holds are the personification of orishas on earth. You see, they need us, they need our worship to remain strong, but they can’t come for it, they can’t walk this earth like you and I for more than a few seconds at a time. It would mean the end of the world and Eledumare has forbidden it.

Yet they love to influence and shape our lives. Humanity is their favourite plaything, so holds are made, with a bit of their essence put into a human whom they’ll be able to influence or outright control to a certain extent.

When you kill a hold, the Orisha who made that hold is seriously weakened. Oya is weak, and her portion of worship has been spread out among the other orishas. If you kill me now, Yemoja would be seriously affected. For the next five hundred years at least. Eshu wants you to kill all other holds, so all the worship would come to him. Then he would be strong enough.”

“Strong enough to do what?”

“Strong enough to battle Eledumare. Strong enough to end the world and all that exists.” with those words, Yetunde dissolved back into water and was gone in an instant and I was alone once more, with a towel around my waist.

Alright folks! Till next time, but until then, stay tuned to your favourite online fiction series. Goodbye and God bless!

See you next week!

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