Happy New Year!
Now that’s out of the way, let’s get back to the business at hand. Yeah- Autopilot…

How do you overcome Autopilot? How do you change a fundamental part of your existence? The answer is quite simple. A little at a time. In this case that would be with a Micro-resolution.
A micro-resolution is a compact, powerful little resolution designed for the specific purpose of correcting a particular trait or habit.

One major benefit of micro-resolutions is that by it’s actual nature of being small, they’re quite easy to accomplish. And once they’re practised consistently, they are absorbed into… *drumroll* You guess it! Autopilot! and so become part of your everyday life.

Before starting on a micro-resolution, there are two questions you should ask yourself

1. What do you want to change?
2. Why do you want to change?

Micro-resolutions are reasonable actions. They’re actions, not results. Results come after they have being accomplished.

Now to the first question: what do you want to change? You have to identify the problem, then pick a little action that would counter it in the long run. No quick fixes.
Say for instance, you discover that you don’t get enough sleep. What’s the solution? You increase the hours you spend asleep. To do that, you figure out why you don’t sleep enough. If like me, it’s because you’re online even into the wee hours of the night, then you know the problem is excess web surfing.
A suitable micro-resolution would be to stop browsing when it’s ten-o-clock in the night, everyday. Then you set an alarm and soon, the problem would pretty much solve itself. (when there’s nothing to do, boredom will force you to sleep walahi!)

Then why do you want to change? Still dealing with the above scenario, you might want more sleep so you can be more productive during the day. Then you should write it and paste it somewhere you’re sure to see it all the time. It’ll be a great motivational factor.
One more thing, a micro-resolution should be something you can check in real time. You’ll know if you keep browsing still 12 won’t you?
So instead of trying to lose weight or gain that six pack, you can make a micro-resolution to cut down on your sugar intake or do twenty sit-ups each day. And because micro-resolutions pay upfront, you’ll receive a measure of benefit everyday.

You’ll feel better after those sit-ups, your wallet feels better when you don’t spend so much on chocolate. Those sit-ups make you feel better. Go ye and sin no more!

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