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After a long and absolutely necessary sabbatical, your favourite Ahmed series is back. Remember Ahmed? You don’t? Ah well, go and start from Chapter one then (˘̯˘ ) … The story continues-

It was another boring day of class. Seriously, no one ever told me it was like this. I might have opted for theatre arts instead.

I kept listening to the teacher drawl on and on as I fantasised about putting a knife through her pretty neck. By Eshu, the craving to do so was pretty intense, I had to hold on tight to my table to refrain from doing anything stupid.
It could as well have been etched in stone- I was a killer, plain and simple. I believe the Europeans have a name for my kind of person. They call us psychopaths.

The urge to kill had started when I was 15, and it started small. Just birds and rats and other insignificant creatures. You may be wondering what my age is. Well, at this part of my life, I was 18. Yes, I had spent 3 years walking around, feeling this desperate need to stick knives in people’s throats. I don’t know, I can’t control it. I was born that way… I think.

So you can imagine my thoughts when Eshu asked me to kill on his behalf. I almost shed tears of joy. Finally, an excuse to do what I was starting to like the most. So far he provided the targets, I was more than happy to do the killing.

Alright, back to the story. I waited patiently for my next target, my next assignment and went through the basics of daily living as a student. I read my boring notebooks, studied and did the silly assignments that were dished out to me.

I had just submitted my legal method assignment and was thinking about the invitation I had received to attend a party later in the day. I noticed some of my mates seemed to pick interest in me. They were drawn to the dark silent boy who always stayed in shadows. The boy who never smiled. It wouldn’t do to become so different, and as such I decided to try to blend a little, just enough to stay under the radar.

“Hey you! Ahmed, right?”
I turned and someone bumped into me.

“Oops! Sorry, I was trying to catch up with you.”

“Why? Do I know you?”

“Nope. I doubt it. But I know you. We got our admission together remember? You helped me on the queue that day.”

I took a good, long look at her. Try as I might, I couldn’t place the face. I shook my head slowly, and took a step back.

“I still don’t know you. Or remember you. I’m sorry.”

“Awwww. No problem. I’m Doyin. Adedoyin.” she stuck her hand out, and I shook it. Her hand was warm to the touch.

“I was intending to go for the party, and I don’t want to go alone. I was wondering if you would be interested in…”

“Accompanying you? Maybe. What party?”

“The party joor, Bisi’s birthday party. It’s by 9. 9pm. Are you coming?” I nodded, and she smiled, displaying a perfect set of white teeth.

“Alright, it’s a date. Can I have your number?” she pulled out a Samsung galaxy tab and took it down.

“See you later! Ciao” I watched her walk away, she did provide quite a nice view. Her body was beautiful, and I felt a little sad, knowing I might have to kill her someday…

And there you have it… That’s all for today folks! 😀 The story continues next week.

What happens next? who’s the next target? Does Ahmed get caught? Find Out next time, on The Ahmed Series™

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