SENSE IN NONSENSE – (Wisdom comes from unexpected places)

Hello reader! I heard this story and I liked it. And in true Laolu fashion, I’ve decided to share it. It goes like this…
…on a lonely Saturday night, a young man was driving on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, after a long hard day. Opeyemi wanted to get to Lagos at all cost, and he had just fixed the car so he felt pretty confident in his car’s ability to complete the journey. However, unknown to him, the auto-mechanic had done quite a shoddy job with the wheels! He fixed one of the back tires using rusted sub-standard bolts in an effort to cut corners and earn a bit on the side. But the driver was unaware of this. He had just gotten to the bridge, and liked the feel of the wind on his face through the open window, so he accelerated and suddenly the tire blew off! The air-bag went off and the car screeched to a stop. He then got out, safe and sound, but in a serious dilemma. He had found the tire, and it was okay. But there were no bolts to fix it with. Opeyemi was stuck on the notorious express-way with no means of leaving anytime soon, and absolutely no help forthcoming. He scratched his head and thought and thought and thought till he felt a headache coming. Just then, he spied a lone figure running towards him. He squinted a bit- was that a stone it was carrying? And tattered clothes? “Oh my goodness,” he thought. “A lunatic!” he quickly hid himself at the other side of the car. As the lunatic drew closer, he started laughing. Opeyemi was confused. What was funny? Then the lunatic called out with a loud voice-
“See this madman. Hiding behind a motor. Idiot! So what if you don’t have spare bolts? Simply remove a bolt from each tire and fix this one! Fool! Don’t you know you stand a risk of being robbed if you stay here?” with those words, the lunatic continued on his way.
Opeyemi came out of his hiding place dumbfounded. Why hadn’t he thought of that before? He fixed the tire and went on his way.
Wisdom can be found in the most unexpected places. So when next you’re in a fix, ask around, don’t underestimate anyone. You never can tell where the solution would come from. 😉 Happy Sunday folks!
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