Its Ahmed’s first day at school. He hasn’t even settled yet, and he already has a visitor. Who is she? Find out…

“Seriously Ahmed is that how you entertain your visitors?”
I pulled back to see who it was. Lo and behold, I found myself staring at the face of a long-lost friend.

“Yetunde?” I asked, quite surprised.

“Yes. But in as to what brought me here, you could refer to me as Yemoja. I believe you’re Eshu’s stooge now.”

Woah! I was, for once in my life, mind blown.

“What are you doing here? And how did you find me?” I sat on the bunk.

“I’m come to beg you to stop. You can’t do what Eshu demands of you. You can’t.”

“Why? Explain.”

“I wish I could. But its not my tale to tell. In time, you will know.” and with those words, she dissolved into water and disappeared leaving me confused and staring at a dark wet stain on the ground. First Eshu, then my grandfather, and now Yetunde… What’s wrong with people these days? Can’t you guys give simple answers to questions anymore?

It was a new day, and I was in the classroom, totally fed-up. The lecturer was- to put it nicely, just blabbing away. Half the class was seriously asleep. The other half were chatting on different smart phones, making small beeps and pings. I was sitting at the back, (in the shadows of course) watching everybody. Like I said previously, I was fed-up and bored out of my mind. I yawned once or twice.
All of a sudden, my vision went black. I couldn’t see a single thing. I was on the verge of panicking when I heard a familiar voice in my ears. The first person you will take for me is this. A face flashed before my eyes.

“She’s right in front of you, and I want her dead before midnight!”

And just like that, I got my first assignment.
Just then, the class came to a close, the lecturer packed her books and left, knowing there was no time to waste, I quickly swung into action. I couldn’t be seen talking to her, I couldn’t leave any link between us, and yet, I had to draw her away for a successful kill. Quite a dilemma. However, no problem lacks solution. At that moment, she pulled off her bracelet and dropped it on the desk. It was a pretty thing, done nicely with colourful beads and black strings. As I watched, she flexed her wrist, probably trying to restore circulation. I passed her desk, picked the bracelet and slipped it into my pocket. Then I looked directly at her and winked. Quickly, I left the class crossing to the other side of the room in plain view. Sure as rain, she followed me, curious and wanting the bracelet back.
I kept walking as fast as I could. If I remembered right there was a deserted balcony somewhere here. It was under renovations or something… I spied a piece of bamboo around a corner, there! The balcony was deserted. A perfect spot. I kicked aside a half empty bag of cement and leaned on the railings, looking down as though I was watching something. It was long before I heard the clacking of high heels and the continuous smack of bubble gum being chewed at a fast rate.
“Hey you! You picked my bracelet!” lips being smacked, and gum being chewed with reckless abandon. Disgusting.
I turned, pulling the bracelet out of my pocket. I smiled
“This? You can have it back. I just wanted to talk to you.” I extended the bracelet to her.

“Come on, take it.” she looked at me, caution flashing in her brown eyes. I knew I needed to get her to come forward. I made as if to throw it downstairs, and she lunged for it.
That was all I needed. Quick as a flash, I grabbed her hand, and in one smooth motion, I heaved her body over the railing and threw her downstairs. No one can survive a fall from three stories. I looked down at her corpse as blood pooled around her head. Curiosity never killed the cat, stupidity did. Curiosity was framed. I looked down with a cold detachment.
Mission accomplished.
I turned and walked away. Just as I began to hear voices from downstairs and people approaching, I slipped into a corridor close by and left.

And that’s a wrap for today guys. Ahmed commits his first murder for Eshu and brings down the number of targets by one. What’s next? Who is this girl that Eshu wanted dead? Why? And why did he pick Ahmed as his assassin?
Find out in the next episode of… THE AHMED SERIES™!

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