Hi guys, sorry I’m late. Got caught up in another project. So yes… where were we?
Oh! Yes- Ahmed is discharged from the hospital. Sit back, grab a bite and read. Enjoy!

Its my first day at school. Yeah right, you didn’t think an assassin would need to go to school did you? Well you thought wrong. You see, right before my “accident” I had just received admission into a university to study law. I’ve always wanted to be an lawyer (although in the near future I will definitely be breaking a lot of laws.)
Anyway, I picked my baggage from the boot and slung one bag on my shoulder. The other I carried with my left hand. In case anything happened, I needed my right hand free to disable or kill anyone or anything. (Not my fault, I’ve been trained for what I’m now sure must have being a century.)
Slowly, I made my way to the hostel. I could hear my mum sobbing quietly in the car. I will NOT turn and wave. I will not say goodbye, I will not allow her create a scene. The place of an assassin is in the shadows. Armed with those thoughts, I left her and entered my hostel…

Several minutes later, I stood in front of a door on which an eight was crudely written with chalk. Well, this is going to be my home for the next twelve months. Might as well get it over with right now. I pushed the door and it swung open. The place was dark, damp and musty. There were two double bunks in the room, and a rickety fan rolled on the ceiling. The floor was covered with an old, blue, threadbare carpet and there were four lockers built into the walls. I selected one of them, put my stuff in it and locked it.

I came fully prepared. Suddenly I sensed someone behind me. Quick as a flash, I turned, removing a knife I had hidden in my sleeves mid-motion and threw myself at the person. I slammed into him and pinned him to the wall, held the knife to his throat and asked “What do you want?”
The voice that replied me was not what I had being expecting. It was female and soft and replied “Seriously Ahmed is that how you entertain your visitors?”

Hmn… Who’s this visitor? What does she want? What’s going on? Find out in the next episode… THE AHMED SERIES™…


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