And now we delve once more into the adventures of Ahmed. The story continues…

…I looked down on little hills and valleys, and felt really, really dizzy. I’ve never being good with heights- not since I fell from that balcony back then in secondary school. (but that’s a story for another day) Just when I thought the flight was never going to end, he dropped me on a flat, isolated piece of land. Ever observant, I stole a glance around to see where I was, but I couldn’t make head or tail of the place. He glided to a smooth stop beside me.
“What do you want from me? Who are you? Where am I?”
He chuckled softly. “You mortals, you never cease to amaze me. Questions, questions. There’s nothing I hate more than questions. Now before we get back to your training, here’s a little something for you.” with those words, he gripped my arm and began chanting an incantation. As he chanted, I felt his hands slowly grow warm… then hot… then really, uncomfortably hot. I squirmed and tried to slip out of his grasp, but I might as well have been arm wrestling with a giant marble statue. Then he stopped, and all the pain and heat subsided.

“Okare! Akogun! O ti wa di okunrin ni isin” he intoned. Suddenly I felt alright. I wasn’t sweating anymore, I could see clearly- infact I could see for miles. And most noticeably, my body was now seriously muscled and knife-like. I stretched a little, adjusting to the several changes in my physique.
“As to where you are, you are in my domain. My kingdom. And well yes, you’re actually dead. Well not quite, before you faded into the world beyond I was able to use olodumare’s breath to bring you back.”
“So I’m some kind of zombie?”
“Zombie? Hmph! You are no zombie. You are human, but also part orisha. And that brings me to the reason you’re here in the first place. From time to time, I will send to you certain faces, and names. These are people whom you must kill for me.”

To say I was shocked would be a great understatement. “Kill? I’ve never killed anything in my life… Well except for the occasional chicken, but that’s different.”
“Quiet! You will be taught. You will undergo intense training for six months after which you shall depart my realm. Listen and train well, for if you fail me…”
As he spoke, he leaned towards me, fire blazing in his eyes and smoke pouring from- his wings? When he stopped talking, the whole terrain was filled with dark, scented smoke (do orishas use body sprays?) and he was three inches in front of me. His eyes were burning quite fiercely now. Then he disappeared. Poof! Just like that!
“Wait! Who’s going to train me? How am I to master your gift? Who’s the first target?” the emptiness of course, did not answer me. Everywhere was silent for a second, and then a voice boomed…
“As to who would train you, I guess that would be me.”
I turned sharply and found myself face to face… With my long dead grandfather!



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